Why Guidelines Are Necessary for a Remote Team

Why Guidelines Are Necessary for a Remote Team

Article was written by Jessie Maguire, a freelance copywriter.

Guidelines are gold to your venture. Use them to your advantage.

There’s nothing better for your business than individuals who know that working with you is one of the best ways they can get ahead, succeed in their field, and make the ride enjoyable and fulfilling for everyone. But how can you make the most of your talent? It all comes down to your guidelines.

While guidelines bring up uninspiring thoughts such as rules, restrictions, and lengthy technical/legal speak come, it doesn’t have to be that way. Let’s look at why having an effective, powerful remote team relies so much on well-thought-out, inspiring guidelines and how they affect your business so much.


Ever been in the same room as an inspiring teacher? You can recreate that atmosphere remotely when you clearly communicate your expectations through your guidelines. If your team doesn’t know how to impress you, it will be harder for them to make you happy, and ultimately, successful.

The good news is that with a little time and consideration, anyone can write an excellent set of guidelines. If you’re struggling, have a professional writer or experienced friend help you achieve pinpoint precision when it comes to exactly where, when, and how you want your team to complete each essential task.

Framework for Your Brand

Your remote team will help you get your brand out into the world. And let’s get real here; your brand needs to be everywhere: in the way your team communicates with clients, how they design your website, write on your blog, and the pictures they take. Your brand needs to bleed into every aspect of the work your team does so you stand out boldly in a world full of companies that could look just like you.

This is why your team is the most crucial part of your business, the foundation. The key to capitalizing on your team is using your guidelines. How they interact with you, each other, and your audience will determine whether your brand sinks or swims in your niche. To achieve success, weave the feeling, principles, values and target market into your guidelines to help your employees adhere to your brand at all times.

Bring Your Team Together

The beautiful thing about guidelines is that you can do whatever you want with them. And it certainly makes sense to have them help you cement your team together. Make the rules do the hard work for you.

In the same way, that an American football team creates drive and motivation from having the shared goal to win, you can use your guidelines to inspire your team to win in your market. Create targets, reward your team for achievement within your business, and clearly state how it’s all going to work in your guidelines.


Everyone makes mistakes once in a while. Even the most effective, determined entrepreneurs! Your business will work like a well-oiled machine when you clearly state what is expected of each member of your remote team (including you) from the beginning. In the early days, this will also help you define each staff member’s duties. Make sure you communicate how everyone is accountable within your guidelines, and how mistakes will be dealt with at the company.

We know that writing your business guidelines can be daunting, but starting now might be one of the most pivotal tasks you ever perform for your business. Guidelines are gold to your venture. Use them to your advantage.