Perch, The Remote Video Communication App You'll Always Leave Running

Perch, The Remote Video Communication App You’ll Always Leave Running

When you’re running a business with remote employees, it’s imperative to have the right tools to facilitate communication with everybody. Quick, accessible, and user friendly apps such as Slack are changing the way remote teams are communicating for the better.

To take it a step further is Perch. This video communication app enables employees to check in with their teams wherever they may be in the world via tablet, iphone, or laptop. That visual communication enables teams to work more effectively together and make magic. Companies like TripAdvisor, Shopify, and SunRise all use Perch to stay connected.

Here are 8 reasons you should be using Perch:

1. Smart Camera

This particular smart feature from Perch detects when you’re looking at the Camera and when you’re not. This ensures that you are heard only when you want to be heard. Say you step away from the Camera and spill hot coffee on your new white shirt, Perch will automatically mute the microphone as you curse the heavens for your unfortunate accident.

2. Perch is Always On

Unlike VoIP services, Perch is constantly on and eliminates the need for scheduling calls. You can literally log in then and there and chat away with colleagues about projects as if you were right there with them. This makes for much more seamless and fun communication.

3. Sharing is Caring

Perch has a feature that enables you to invite people from outside of your network to connect with you face­-to-­face using your browser’s unique URL. Although you can do this, you will always have the power to accept or ignore any incoming connections.
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4. Perch is Mobile

Working remotely always presents challenges when trying to communicate and you need something that works for you on­ the go. Perch offers the same level of effective communication on your iPhone. You can pop into the office on your iphone or Android device whenever you like or just open the app to see what’s going on.

5. Security

Whether you’re working away on projects with colleagues on the lower floor or 3,000 miles away, you want to be sure that sensitive information is kept private and secure. Perch comes loaded with an arsenal of security features so you can focus on making magic with your team. All communication is encrypted with the same technology banks rely on to keep your private information safe.

6. Flexibility

Perch offers you the ability to log into the company portal and have a chat with the entire team or with your best bud at work to crack a few jokes. Having the ability to go back and forth without any friction is something that Perch boasts and something you will definitely appreciate.

7. Compatibility

With it’s popularity amongst businesses like TripAdvisor and Shopify, Perch is only gaining traction and will find itself as a staple for more companies. It is currently only available on iOS but CEO Danny Robinson hopes to come out with an Android app soon.

8. Mark Maker

Named 2015 Cool Vendor in unified communications, Perch is being recognized by top performers and innovators in the tech community as a company must have. Racking up awards and accolades speaks volumes to the product’s value to virtually any company. These awards are surely going to continue in the near future and also guarantee Perch’s position as a company mainstay for years to come.

Instead of asking your colleague out in Thailand how the weather is during pre­meeting small talk, imagine if you could see it for yourself? Minus the slight envy you might feel, you’ll probably enjoy the clear, seamless, and efficient communication with your colleague.