How To Create a Shared Spotify Playlist for Remote Workers

Everyone loves discovering great music.

Chances are your remote team is already using Spotify. One unknown feature in Spotify is the ability to create collaborative playlists.

A collaborative playlist will allow anyone with a link to the playlist to add their favorite songs. It’s a pretty easy way for your team to share some musical tastes and participate outside of your designated chatroom.

Create a Playlist

Someone on your team needs to create a new playlist in Spotify. Click the New Playlist button located on the bottom of the left-hand sidebar. Name it whatever you wish.


Change to Collaborative

As is, you’ve made a normal playlist. To share it with others, right-click on the playlist and select Collaborative Playlist. A little circle next to the music symbol should appear.


Share the Playlist

Right-click on the playlist again, and simply click Copy Playlist Link. It should like something like this:

The people you share this URL with can either enter it in their browser or in the search bar of their Spotify account.

And that’s it! You now have an easy to share music with your team.