11 Team Building Exercises for Remote Employees

11 Team Building Exercises for Remote Employees

When employees live everywhere, it can be especially hard to form critical bonds that make a workplace productive and a place they want to be present at every day.

Successful Team Building Quick Tips

There are three keys to a successful remote team building exercise. Don’t draw out an exercise. Employees may recall their high school history teacher’s droning voice if you do. The exercise should be long enough to accomplish your goal but short enough to keep everyone interested. Don’t lose sight of the exercise’s goal: to form connections and build trust, for example. Communicate this to your team. Don’t be so serious. Keep your activities fun and interesting. If the rules are changing, this will encourage your team to adapt collaboratively in a dynamic environment.

These keys with the right team building exercise will help your remote employees to form bonds, empower themselves, and develop powerful skills to be utilized within a thriving business.

Here is a comprehensive list of fifteen team building exercises to build relationships.

Make a Shared Map Where You Can Each Pin Your Location

Ask employees to expand on where they live, what they like about it, what the weather’s like, and how long they have lived at their location. It is interesting to get to know about somewhere else in the world, especially if someone is passionate about their hometown.

Write a Collaborative Team Mission Statement.

This is separate from your corporate mission statement but just as important. Everyone adds a sentence. Establish how you strive to support each another and how you will have fun together. Revisit this at least once a year.

Have a Competition

For smaller or larger teams, set a goal for each team to achieve. Whoever wins, gets a Starbucks gift card, or whatever other popular chains are in the remote workers area.

Wine Down Wednesday

Once a month, team members get together on Skype and relax with conversation and wine.

Form a Community Library

Have an online shared resource where employees can read or listen to select titles. This can be as simple as a recommendation list made in Google Spreadsheets.

Fill Your Virtual Office with Spirit

Don’t make it the web version of gray cubicles with team pod people. Web spaces like Slack are your coffee break room. Allow banter, memes, GIFs, and idle chit-chat, as long as there is balance. There is a vital connection between social connection at work and productivity.

Make a Team Music Playlist

There can be different lists for relaxing or feeling pumped for productivity.

Have a Company Retreat

Company retreats in person are just as important for remote staff. It can be different meeting people in real life after you have been speaking for a year in an online capacity. It is still important to engage all five senses when getting to know someone. This gives you an opportunity to learn something about your remote coworkers you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Support Activities

Sponsor your employee who wants to run a marathon for charity. This act shows every employee that each of them matters.

Show Off Where You Work

Have an employee take a photo of their work area to share. No cleaning allowed. Cats on keyboards are allowed. It is optional to guess what area belongs to whom.

Create Tribes

If there are various teams within your company, have each come up with their own team name, slogan, and mascot.